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Melvin Guy Mellon (1893-1993) was a Professor of Chemistry at Purdue University from 1919 to 1989. In 1928 he published the 1st edition of “Chemical Publications”. Professor Mellon became an expert in understanding and disseminating the growing body of chemical literature. He went on to publish four more editions, the 5th introduced in 1982. Purdue’s chemistry library bears his name to honor his passion and dedication to chemistry.

Perhaps a coincidence, perhaps not, the last edition of this book occurs about the same time as the onset of the world wide web.  The internet introduced an alternative means of accessing information, with an explosion in the volume of available information. While some institutions offer some formal education in the pursuit and organization of scientific literature, most likely to the displeasure of Professor Mellon, this part of a chemist’s education is often something developed informally.   

 A sidebar page on a website cannot replace formal education in the chemical literature, but it can provide an introduction. With links to the relevant detail on the internet, there should be some utility.




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